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Joe Bruin

Joe Bruin


UCLA has had many names for their mascot, but no other name or mascot fits this school better then Joe Bruin. Even though sometimes falsely depicted in drawings as a cuddly passive creature, this bear is anything but. Joe Bruin is the motivating force that pushes the UCLA athletic teams to strive for greatness. He can't bear to see his team defeated so he'll go through extreme measures to make sure that they come up on top. Soft but strong, tough but tender; this bruin is the king of all bears.

Favorite food: Poached wild salmon fillets with dill crème fraiche.

Favorite celebrity: James Dean (UCLA alumnus)-I aspire to such transcendent levels of coolness.

Favorite song: "Mighty Bruins"

Most embarrassing moment: I got up one morning, lathered up, and gave myself a shave. Then I realized, "Hey, I'm a bear, bears don't shave!" I was paying for that one for at least three weeks. I tell ya', the girls just don't dig the clean-shaven bears.

What the ladies say about him: He's athletic, intelligent and sensitive. If he wasn't a, ya know, 600 pound forest dwelling carnivore, I could see us having a future together.

Favorite TV show and/or movie: Bernstein Bears

Signature move: Bruin Break Dance

Proudest moment: Winning the United Spirit Association Collegiate National Mascot Championship in 2003.

Why vote for me: Unlike other carnivorous mascots, I am capable of resisting any urges to eat people. Plus, I am fuzzy and cuddly.

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