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Born: June 6, 2000  Home: Edison International Field of Anaheim
Throws: Right  Swings: Both  Peels Bananas: Left

Favorite Food: Bananas


Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Songs: Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys, Proudest Monkey by Dave Matthews Band
Least Favorite Song: Shock The Monkey by Peter Gabriel
Favorite Group: The Monkees

The Rally Monkey is credited with
many Angels comeback wins.

Favorite TV Show Friends
Favorite Movies Angels In The Outfield, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Favorite Games: Baseball, Monkey See Monkey Do
Favorite Quotes "Touch my Monkey" from Saturday Night Live
"Show me the Monkey!" from Jerry Maguire

The first question everyone asks is "How did it all start?" 

     The legend of the Rally Monkey began June 6, 2000 as the Anaheim Angels were losing to the San Francisco Giants. Video crew members were pulling out all the stops in their attempt to whip up some crowd support.

     They came across a video clip from the 1994 hit movie "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective," staring Jim Carrey, that showed a monkey jumping up and down. They superimposed the words "Rally Monkey" over it and flashed it on the JumboTron. The crowd roared.

     The Angels rallied, scoring two runs in the last inning to win.

     Before long, the Angels needed their own monkey and hired Katie, the white-face capuchin monkey featured on "Friends," to film a series of new Rally Monkey promos. Katie filmed a series of spots including the standard "Jump Around" clip that is now shown.  She also filmed the legendary "Believe in the Power of the Rally Monkey" clip.

     Since then, the Rally Monkey has been superimposed in video clips from Hollywood hits such as  Star Wars, Jerry Maguire, Scream and many more.

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