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Florida Marlins - Billy the Marlin

Billy the Marlin's Stats

HEIGHT: 8 feet tall

WEIGHT: 250 pounds, in bare fins

BILL: 22 inches

MEASUREMENTS: 44 inches from tip of bill to tip of back fin

AGE: Made debut on February 25, 1993

BIRTHPLACE: Atlantic Ocean

EYES: White eyeballs, black pupils, black eyelashes and black eyebrows

SKIN: Scaled

COLLEGE: Atlantis University

FAVORITE MOVIE: A Fish Called Wanda


FAVORITE FOOD: Tuna and sardine sandwich

Billy the Marlin was handpicked not only for his skill, cunning and great competitive nature, but most of all for his outstanding sense of humor and great rapport with baseball fans of all ages.


Billy The Marlin's Character Traits

  • An absolute master of pantomime
  • An eternal optimist no matter what
  • A natural-born clown/comic/mimic and good-natured prankster (always in good taste). Anything concerning baseball is considered "fair game"
  • Innovative-makes do with what he has to work with
  • Occasionally clumsy, but maintains a sense of decorum
  • Always manages to come out on top in the end
  • When fishing, it's always for fans, ball players or umpires. Bait is giant over-sized food or drink found at the ball park (hotdogs, peanuts in shells, pizza, etc.)
  • Slippery and evasive, this magnificent fish could very easily be the leader of the "untouchables"